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A last few blogs before I change my Url. Thanks for all the advice about this with my new job starting. Even though I’m absolutely offended that you felt the need to tell me. AS IF I wasn’t planning on changing it! Anyway……..

YouTube Specials

I still hate cyclist but,…..

Bullshit is bullshit it just goes by different names.

I have a single heart break, I celebrate and mourn.

I believe in life, and I believe in love but the world in which we live in keeps trying to prove me wrong.

You can move a mountain.

If you’re in it for love, you ain’t gonna get far.

Saturday, 15th September 2018.


I had to walk into town for a few supplies. The river walk will always be contemplative. That swirl of memories and dreams. Friends, loves and battles. Won and lost. Regret and accomplishment.

I’ve had the occasional pang of fear over the last couple of days. Relating to the “ALL CHANGE! END OF THE LINE!” situation of the new year. This is good. I was starting to really believe I was dead inside. When you end up with only one thing that can make you feel, you start to question your humanity. Do you understand? Do you really?

Walk those streets. Where we played. Every hour of everyday.


There’s no use. I’ll have to pop this badboy’s cherry!

It was worth it!

I was saving it to drink with “that” special someone.

That ship sunk.

There’s no video for this but this is the best effort I’ve seen.

She sells meat.

Winona nails Jon.

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