The Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known #1

Thursday, 5th July, 2017.


So. A few weeks have past. Quite a lot has changed but it feels like very little. My son, Louis, Who now lives with me, still has no school position and we still don’t have our own place. I have got him a tutor, Who he sees once a week. He gets a few hours, per day, homework to do. He has also joined the local army cadets, so he is integrating nicely. I have transferred nearly all the documentation that comes with a child. Best of all, the divorce is underway. “Who is going to pay for it?” will be the only hurdle.


Anyway. On with life, and moaning…….. It’s 29 degrees outside and I’m in a basement. Typical.


Now I’ve got 2 hours to wait until I can start the second part of my day. At least I’m in this newly fefurnbished office. The sofa is comfortable.


What a shitter! Done the job. Everyone’s happy. I’m on the Windsor and Eton train. I’ve got my Cow beer.

Ok. It could be worse. 

Louis has gone off for the Weekend, to his mums. First time since he moved to live with me. 

Friday, 7th July, 2017.


Louis text me last night. He had a bit of an anxiety attack when he arrived. I told him its to be expected. Considering the last time he saw his mum, was when she was dumping him with me, saying she couldn’t cope with him. He’ll be back Sunday.


Friday fry up is back. With obligatory Guinness. A very nice, yet expensive affair.

The blood pudding was superb!


I have until Sunday to be carefree. How exciting. I can’t think of anything to do though. Usual cocktails at the Turtle. Perhaps a catch up with Mare. Oooo. Guitars! They have been neglected.

Sadly, work is not going well. Testing cables.everythings failing. A bit of doodling time.


Made the train. It’s way too hot for problems at work but it’s done. The doodle extended to this, by the end.

Now I can have my usual cow beer and relax. 


After the usual contemplation of, how naughty I will be, I am now in The Kingfisher. Former home of Chertsey Lock Nightclub. 

On a non related topic, they have some cool posters at BFI. This one in particular.



It’s not as bad as I expected. I like a pate, and a chuckney. It’s a good start to a weekend.


Well rounded off with booze. Always the best way to round anything off. I’m happy about it.

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