The Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known #8

what an absolute Mother Fucker!!! I carried on my blog as usual from, wherever, it left off. I had a few technical issues. Long story, short. I lost the Fucking lot!! I was witty, and cutting, and clever……..fuck it! It’s gone.

I’ll try and recap.

I remember getting on the train. I was feeling pretty rough.  All I wanted to do was drink my coffee and I ended up sitting next to some weirdo, writing quotes from his Bible in to a little notepad. Occasionally, he transferred them on to prompt cards.

Then I had a rant about god. Chucked in an amusing quote from Revelations. I think it was 2:4. Then I laughed.

Then I had lunch. Two egg and bacon rolls and a limonata. I remember that for sure.  I took some pictures.

After that, I went home, did very little and had an omelette with Black Bomber cheese in it.

I ended up being silly and thinking about Brighton this weekend and my preparations.

That takes me up to yesterday. 

 That was absolutely fine until coming home when someone killed themselves in front if a train in Ashford. They tried to loop round but we ended up stuck in Virginia Water until they decided to terminate. 

This is all based on the photos I took. I’m sure I said something clever.

Me after the train got terminated.

Wednesday, 26th July, 2017.


It appears there is something wrong with the server, my website is on. Thus, losing all the blog. No point crying about it. All I know is, it’s too early and I’ve too much work to do today.

Views of early travel.


I’ve dealt with my early morning job, in St. Pauls, so now I’m back in Tottenham Court Road. I swear I did this yesterday?!? I just have to find out the extent of what they want doing. Lets just hope it’s not much. 


I can’t complain about that! I’m on my way home, plus I’ve secured work for tomorrow. A total result considering I thought the whole Brighton weekend was going on credit cards. Also, I’ll get to take Carter for a birthday cocktail at the Turtle. 


We are slowly getting organised for our weekend away. We went into town for a cocktail and an ice cream. 

The weather for Brighton, this weekend, is not looking to promising.

We have made headway to make the best of it though. If you’re going to do something. Do it right. Do it HST!! RIGHT?


Irrelevant of the list. I’m slowly acquiring supplies. My Patron has arrived. We are gonna take a cool box with us. Hotel fridges lack capacity. 

I do love a fresh, boxed Patron.

Thursday, 27th July, 2017.


The last day of the working week. Brighton tomorrow. Facts. That’s all I can do. I have nothing else until I wake up properly. 


Christ! Not another delayed train. I’ve had my share this week already.

Keep it all in check. Keep the temper level and think through the usual mind fog. I can sense my need for nicotine. Seven stops and counting. 

Slowly, snaking under the city. Commuting blank expressions, to empty destination.
Three down, four to go. Hollow faces replaced with every stop. Tick-tock. Limping along, like a rat through sewers. 

Then sanctuary..


Today we are fixing conference kit. 

Well. I am. As you can see, my guv is having an “Italian style” phone call, with hand gestures. Im definitely needing coffee. It’s very dull. Now we have to hang about for IT to confirm the repair.


6 HDMI leads later. It’s fixed. Hopefully I can go home now. They give tiny offices to the naughty people.

I got outside. Luckily, it was still summer.


That’s that then. As far as I’m concerned, my weekend is about to start. I say that, I am on the Windsor and Eton. Hopefully, the Suiciders will choose a different track today.

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