The Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known #6

Monday, 17th July, 2017.


That’s me. Just there. Sitting in the car park at Staines army cadets, waiting to pick up my boy. Humidity. It always sends my brain a bit sideways. I’ve achieved all the mundane tasks, so tomorrow, another day without work, I must achieve some creative goals. I keep thinking about the old radio shows I used to make.

Wednesday, 19th July, 2017.


If I had anything interesting to say, I’d say it. 

I don’t. 

That sums it up really. The screaming malaise. 

Tuesday, 19th July, 2017.


Judging from the 16 empty beer bottles, I got pretty hammered last night. I’ve just book, yet another, health and safety test. This time as an electrician. Another fifty quid! Oh well, it’ll keep me earning, if my boss ever gets any work again. 

I’m not one for hangovers but I must say I’m feeling pretty rough. I probably need a hair of the dog, to equalise the blood/alcohol levels. Christ, I’m such a bum.

Friday, 21st July, 2017.


Finally, I’m back on the treadmill. I’ll earn just enough money, by the end of tomorrow, to keep me afloat. I’ve come to the conclusion that the government/council really don’t give a shit about anything. I’ll have to do another round of phone calls today to push housing and education. Whether it’ll make any difference is another thing. All I have to show for the last 2 days is this.

My legendary good luck seems to be failing at the moment. Come on God! A little swing in fortune please!!


Christ. I’m sick of this treadmill. So Fucking tedious. At what point do you resign yourself to it? I dunno. I suppose it’s good that no matter what happens, I never do. 


It appears after the week off, everyone is pissed off. Immediate arguments and slagging each other off. It’s going to be a tense day. 


I’m 16 terminations in, out of 96 fiber optics. Oh, the joys! I might need to put my reading glasses on. I’m definitely getting old.


The adventures of working in an advertising design agency. Tut! Listen. Just because you draw pictures and take photos for a living, doesn’t stop your shit from stinking like everyone else.

On a lighter note.


If in doubt, have a Guinness.


I’m well into the second shift now. My eyes have gone weird after all the staring at tiny glass ends. I also feel a bit sleepy. Mark had better make his Mark on the world.

Ok. Done that.


Finally, on the way home. What a sorry state of affairs. I’ve been told hardly any work next week and I’m going to Brighton for the Weekend after. Tighten Yer belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy week. I’d just paid those credit cards off!!

Oh well. One more blow out then hold for my 45th birthday in September. God I’m feeling old.

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