The Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known #4


Wednesday, 12th July, 2017.


There’s something wrong. I can’t put my finger on it but it’s there, at the back. I’m working late tonight. Leaving for London at about three.


It’s a very different beast, going up to town for work in the afternoon. I’m not exactly brimming with motivation. I got myself some Bluetooth earbuds. Hey man! No string attached!


Long discussion about what we are doing here by Mansion House tube. I got distracted by this pigeon.

It’s annoying waiting for office staff to go home. QUICKLY!!


On the Reading train. Stacked with joyous revellers, returning early from a Wednesday night in town. 

Not me. What an awful nights work. M&S sandwich and a lager. 

Thursday, 13th July, 2017.


The Old Red Lion.

I’m just having a quick pint after my CITB test up the road. I was twatted when I walked in. Afternoon activities aren’t good for me. After locking my phone, wallet, hip flask, etc…., in a locker, I sat down and answered 50 of the most ridiculous questions I’d ever come across in my life. End result……

I’d be smug, if it was worth it. Pfft.

Friday, 14th July, 2017.


I’m not very excited about today’s double shift. Or working tomorrow. I’m not really feeling the joys of summer. Yet another week passes without housing, without schooling. It’s almost like the council don’t give a shit! Lol. 

This sky sums the day up, so far, really. And my mood.


I’ve arrived at place of work for the next 2 days. It looks great.

Maybe not?!?!


It’s a design agency. In other words, they do fuck all for a living and mince about a lot. The real question is, where’s the caff? I want a fry up.

I also want this book off there wall.

I also like the look of this.


Just had to eat McDonald’s for lunch. I feel sick now. I’m working here tomorrow so I’ll have to find something better.

This looks better!?


Still here. Still working……kinda. They keep offering us beer.  I went to the pub for, the quickest Guinness of all time. Drunk in thirds.

Here’s a picture of me, looking very sinister indeed.

But I’m surrounded by booze. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


I knew it would happen. The boss got bored and decided we could pack up and do more tomorrow. We can’t get in until 10am, so not an early one.

All we had left to do, was tuck in to the, provided, refreshments. They have been taunting me all afternoon.


The good, old Windsor and Eton train. Time for a little music and contemplation. All I can say is, it could have been worse.

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