The Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known #3

Monday, 10th July, 2017


Louis’ 13th Birthday! He seems very happy. Laughing his head off to Russell Howard. So far, he has accumulated £130. I wish I had £130.

I took him out for the traditional McDonald’s breakfast. He’s having lunch with his grandparents, then going to Army Cadets tonight. I’m taking him to TGI’s tomorrow and to see Spiderman.


After a morning dealing with yet more emails from the housing association, Louis went out with his grandparents, so we went to Costco. 

Here’s a nice bottle of Louis XIII for £14999.

Or a nice Methuselah of Cristal for £5999.99.  Hmm. Which to choose?

When we left we had bought 1.5kg coffee, water,….. Christ! Just a load of boring stuff.


After much debate, tgese are the days work I have this week.

Wednesday evening, Friday day and evening, Saturday. Utter, utter crap.

Louis say gone to godmother Mary’s before Army Cadets. At least I can take him out tomorrow daytime, for TGI and Spiderman.

Tuesday, 11th July, 2017.


Nostrano Lounge.

Productive. Took Carter to her MS infusion in Wimbledon. Took Louis to the guitar shop in Windsor to buy picks. Bought him a camouflage T-shirt.  We are now sitting in Nostrano eating breakfast muffins and drinking sherbet lemonade(well, he is, I’m drinking Estrella!)

Obviously, we aren’t chatting due to Netflix but that’s OK. There’s always time to enjoy a bit of Nostrano vibe. Good tunes, etc…..


We are again in TGI before going to see Spiderman Homecoming. It was good. As soon as I got out, I had to drive to Wimbledon to collect Carter. What a fantastic, rush hour drive!

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