The Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known #2

Saturday, 8th July, 2017.


Nostrano Lounge.

It’s a good place to recover. Sat at the back, nursing a pint of Estrella. Filling the hole, left by last nights lack of appetite.

The other piece of information I got from my visit to town was, you can give a facial but a shop in town offers a photo facial. I presume this means you get a momento of the occasion.


Many hours and £175 later, I’ve completed the food shopping. Admittedly, 50 quid was booze related but still! I’m in desperate need of a bloody Mary, which is imminent.


Me now.

I decided to have a Corona instead. I’m gonna sit down in the quiet and mess about with some songs, I think.



The heat of the day has subsided. A little breeze created by my fan. Lovely. 

I decided to have a large bloody Mary.  After all, it contains everything a growing boy needs. Plus 2 of my 5 a day. After a bit of thought, I’ve decided to leave the guitars until tomorrow. 

Sunday, 9th July, 2017.


I just had the most fantastical sleep which is really unual for me. Time for breakfast.


You can only try and be productive. It’s a mood thing. It’s always, much, worse when you say to yourself,”Right! I’ve gotta tidy this, wash that, then organise……….!”

I managed a few thing though.

Bathed my rotten corpse.

Changed the bed.

Played a bit of guitar.

Drank beer.

Smoked a number.

Y’know, usual stuff. Listened to bbc Radio 6.

I’m just waiting for my boy to arrive at the station. As I’ve said(I think?), it’s his birthday tomorrow. 13!!!

It’s a biggy! Well, when I was 13, I thought it meant something. I seem to remember, it was around this time, that my sister gave me her D-MOB James jacket(maybe I stole it?), and a teacher at school showed us some old Ready Steady Go’s on video.

The Kinks, You really got me. Last push to The modness.

Here’s today’s boredom relief.


Aaahhh! The old,” waiting for the train ploy!”. At least he came back. That’s a bonus, in itself.


I’ve fed him. Asked him about his weekend, and all the other fatherly, type, things. He seems happy. Glad to be back? I hope so. 

I’m shattered.

Must have been the green.
I’ve just been informed, yet again, I have no work tomorrow. Fucking fuckeroo. End this draught.


A good, quality end to any weekend. I’m watching Lost In Translation. Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray. A perfect, beautifully filmed, piece of genius.


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