The Book Of Hate #7

Saturday, 23rd September, 2017.


I’m awake. Hopefully, we only have a couple of hours to do. I’ll have to get up in a minute. Pfft! Working on Saturday’s!?! I know someone who would laugh on my face, hearing a statement like that from me. A full on “PPFFTTT!” still, it’s a pain in the arse. I think next week might be light too, but then it all kicks off.


Again, it’s a different collection of weirdness, at Staines Station, at this time on a Saturday. Just us sad, desperate fucks. Oh well. I’m on time. Bonus.


“This man was my Bomber’s, my Dexy’s,  my high.” – Dexys.


Another day done. Lol. Sometimes, it’s just too easy.


I’m on the Reading train awaiting departure as usual. I love a Saturday like that. I get day rate so it’s all gravy.


 I spent the rest of the day handing over eBay collections, getting drunk and talking, utter, shit. I know this because:

Tuesday, 26th September, 2017.


A quick catch up I think. Generally, I have been Ebaying.  I have listed another twenty items. My current total is over seven hundred quid. It was fantastic until I looked at my eBay invoice which is over seventy pounds to pay. I bought a new amp. A little head unit and a tiny cab. I’ve heard it but haven’t had the opportunity to spend any time on it yet.

I’m really looking forward to getting into it.

I’m finally back to work tomorrow. Hopefully, it will keep me out of trouble. 

Wednesday, 27th September, 2017.


One more stop to Waterloo. It’s unbelievable, the amount of people on this train. Obviously, too many people, have to get up too early, and there is always some bitch whose bag has to have its own seat.

Christ! I need coffee. There is nothing open out in the ‘burbs but I’m almost at Waterloo. Almost….


I’m sitting in Costa on Borough High Street now. Everyone else is driving in and they are stuck in traffic. I’m feeling pretty smug about that. 

I may as well go outside and smoke then!


What a miserable old shithole.


I changed my mind about working. It’s shit. I’m sitting on a fire escape, smoking. 


We’ve fucked it off and gone for breakfast. I spent an hour explaining the cafe to Jason. He had no recollection. He’s been here about 10 times! I think he’s got dementia. 


On a positive for the day, all my bitcoin trading stuff is finally working. I can get money out! Yay! It took a long time to sort out, due to the fact I put so little effort in.


OK, so…..the Gretsch Jim Dandy is gone. Winging it’s way to its new owner. I have a slight, pouty lip but needs must. I’ve replaced by buying another little Eko.

Thursday, 28th September, 2017


It was a lot harder to get up this morning than it was yesterday. It always seems easier, the earlier it is. I’m off to Piccadilly today. I have an awful feeling it will be so quick, I’ll, then, get sent to Victoria.

I think I am finally coming down, after weeks, maybe months of abuse. It’s like the songs say, I never wanna come down. I’m just getting bored of it. As usual, I’m waiting for one of the “applied for, signed the forms” life changes to happen. 

I’m so tired. 

Great. Standing room only. I knew I paid £15.90 for something.


Nothing is getting easier, everything is mundane. Fuck. Prolonged, constant happiness and contentment is the domain of the simple minded. Bless them.  Ignorant of a gift that we all crave.


 A bit of comfort at last. 


After putting a couple of fiber cable switches in a cab, taking them out again, and then putting them back in again!! I think I’m nearly done for the day. I’m pretty hungry now, but I might just jump on the train and head home.


After retesting all of our fibers to prove that the IT specialist knew less than a goldfish, I am now on the train home. I decided to sit here:

I fulfill, at least, one of the requirements. I need a nap. There is just no energy left for anything.

Friday, 29th September, 2017.


I’m wandering around Staines. I did a job in Ashford this morning. It took 26 minutes. The easiest £140 I ever earned! I’ve had a pint in the morgue,.. I mean, The George.

If you ever feel like an alcoholic, go there. You’ll feel like a saint after!


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