The Book Of Hate #3

Monday, 21st August, 2017.


I have risen with an aggressive positivity. Meaning: I feel like getting some shit done. It’s a perfect August morning, grey and pissing down with rain.


As you can imagine, I slept like a log last night but now feel like I’m having a MDMA rush. Jesus, at least it’s helping me crack through my work. 


I couldn’t handle it anymore. I needed a downer. I do feel better.

Even better. As I was sitting there, Ichycoo Park came on.

Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017.


I think the important thing to remember is, I’m on the train. The rest of yesterday didn’t go well. I’ve probably overstated that. It wasn’t bad in anyway, just more of the same.

I fell asleep after 2 am. 

Let’s just hope today is a lucky one. 

The rest of the week is lost, in time. 

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