The Book Of Hate #2

Thursday, 17th August, 2017.


narcissism and hypocrisy is like a Fucking god here, right? A new world affliction. Fuck what your loved ones think of you, as long as Juan in Papua New Guinea thinks you’re cool. 

Look them square in the eye and tell them how you feel. Look deep into their soul. Feel their pain and love. Really, fucking, FEEL IT!

“Like porcelean god’s, we shatter when we fall.”


Gray’s Inn Road.

Standing about waiting for the landlord to sign our permits. 

It’s a miserable old day too. My anxiety, about my boy, is high. My temper is short. I should’ve brought a hip flask of Patron. I could have been drunk by now…….no, Mark, no. Reign it in. Keep calm.

Still waiting outside. I’m becoming moist. Not in a sexual way. It’s damp out here. Ive smoked 5 cigarettes. I’m bored shitless.


Andrew’s Cafe.

Finally.  Top notch fare. We got into the job. Dumped the stuff and found this place. Day 3, fry up 3. I feel a lot more cheery now I’ve encased my heart in fat.

 I suppose we better do some work now. Bollocks.


Tottenham Court Road.

Cable runs done. We kicked the shit out of it. So, now we get a decent head start home. I’ll probably even have time to grab a “cow” lager from M&S. As we say at work,”BONZE!!” 

The temptation to have another fry up tomorrow is high. Andrew’s Cafe was toot sweet. I’ll wait and see, as I currently live in “mood swing” city. 


I walked back from the station.  Now I feel the excessive efforts of the day, in my knees and back. That’s the problem that comes with the length of down time we have had recently. Running cable is like a sprint. It’s easy to lose conditioning. We get day rate because we are good at what we do.

Nothing that a beer and a short won’t fix though!

Friday, 18th August, 2017.


Delayed trains and ankle pains. Tedious, and I still have a Saturday to get through. 

As usual, the eternal question is messing with me. Why? Why? Why? What’s the point if it all again? Yet another guitar is about to enter my arsenal. If only, I actually, spent any time playing. I sometimes feel I’ve done nothing in life but prepare. The master of preparing for a future that probably happened whilst I was preparing. I’ll keep on floating through it. Wondering, Dreaming, well,…………….preparing.
“Caught in the eye, you’re pulling it through.”


It’s sad to feel the way I do. It’s sad when you can’t think of anything, that will give you that, “I want to be alive!” feeling. When cowardice is your saviour……Shut it, you idiot. You bi-polar freak! You promised the next day could be better. You Fucking promised! 

No I didn’t. I merely suggested……..

Fuck you!


My story’s infinite.


I actually don’t know why I’m always in such a hurry to get home. I was just thinking about it. Once I get home, I’ll probably lay on my bed and do nothing. Drink and smoke. That’s it. 


Fan-fucking-tastic! Of all the days to choose not to drive to the station I had to choose today.
And here’s a nice shot over Bobby Davro’s old house. Terrific. 



After recovering from my drenching, as suspected, I put Comfies on and got drunk. I did play lots of guitar though. Feeling a bit spacey. It’s probably the Anejo Patron. I’m working in Piccadilly tomorrow. Poker Stars. They have free vend, on all there employee snack machines. It’s an opportunity to stock up on, free, San Pellegrino Limonatas.

Saturday, 19th August, 2017.


Yippee! Everyone likes working on Saturdays? Bollocks.

Fuck, Wank, Shit, Cunt, Arse, tits!
Carter the partner in crime has hinted towards a blow out tonight. It’s something to look forward to. Also, after yesterday’s down pour, the skies are blue. I’m just trying to list some positives.


1. I’ve got on the slow train by mistake.

2. I just found some speed in my pocket.

Strangely, this perked me up a bit. COME ON LONDON! LETS FUCKIN’ ‘AVE YA!


We’ve Had to take a little break so I thought I’d have a little wander.


I thought I’d take the opportunity to get some new trainers. Another job done. 

You can’t see the ones I bought(that’s why there’s a gap). I got blue suede, white stripes, campus.


Adventures! I got a cab. Walked across bridges. Drank bloody Marys. Gave to the homeless and was blessed by a Tibetan monk.

The monk gave me this:

I was expecting him to ask for money. He wanted nothing. He said I had a kind soul. 

Hhmmm? He is either, an idiot, insane or can see something I can’t. I’ll wear it until it breaks anyway. You never know, it might be lucky.


Carter’s home. I have bought some Absolut. Carter has other supplies. It’s time to settle in for the evening. Long live living dangerously.

Sunday, 20th August, 2017.


I haven’t slept yet. Last nights usual fare went on so long, all of a sudden it was morning and I found myself guzzling Patron and watching Tremors at 8am. This said, I have a spring in my step. We popped out to buy a slab of topside. I also found a dinky bottle of silver Patron.

Now I’m drinking a lovely bloody Mary. Aaahhh Sunday’s! You gotta love ’em.


We had roast beef. At this stage, I can barely remember my name. I’ll sleep tonight. I know that for sure. I’m well and truly spent.

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