How Does Her World Spin? Without Me In Her Nest?

Tuesday, 27th November 2018.


The highlight of today will be this sodding telephone interview but I really had to get out of the house so I’m in the George.

The only real purpose I could find to come into town was to buy junk food for Poundland. So, that is what I’m going to do.


I’ve an hour or so until my telephone interview, so I thought I’d relax with a little Sherlock. I know it’s at 5 o’clock because I’ve had to tell my parents 6 or 7 times today. I bet one of them walks in during it though.


The interview has been postponed until 6-6.30. It’s always the same. They think they can fuck with you, because you’re desperate. Messing with the wrong bloke I’m afraid.


No call. Fuck those people.


The guy rang at about ten to seven. He apologised and asked if I’d I like to reschedule. I said no, I’m fine, I can still do it now….

It seems to have gone ok. He has asked me to come for a face to face interview next week. So, we will have to watch this space. Ok. Back to True Detective.

Avoid life.

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