Going Gonzo – ZERO

31st January 2019.


Let’s not let the “pain in the arse” morning get in the way of actually having some money again!

The first thing I did was stop at the Co-Op for a pack of snouts. I decided to continue and cross Chertsey bridge instead of Staines bridge.

Big Mistake.

The M25 had been shut causing masses of traffic. My usual 15 minute trip turned into an hour(lucky I stayed that extra hour yesterday!)

I eventually got to work and proceeded to pay out about a grand in bills!!

Like sand through my fingers.


It all seemed to be going ok today. How wrong was I?

I am now at the hospital walk in centre. Louis has been beaten up at school. I’m unsure of all the details but it seems to be an escalation from Louis having his bag stolen before lunch.

Anyway, he’s taken a pounding, hit his head and hurt his arm.

The joys of parenting.


I’m shattered. After the drama of the fight, hospital, and a few other things that then transpired I had to create a sugar coated version of events for my parents. Followed by the call to my ex who now wants the police involved, firing squads, etc, etc……

I’m supposed to be ringing the taxman tonight but I can’t deal with it.

I’ll leave it an hour and see if I can face it. I might just fuck it off until Monday.

Here’s the face I’m currently making.

I’m gonna stick with it for now. At least, until Louis finishes talking to his mum.


Finally, a little good news. Talked to “The Bouch”. Thank God for money, like minded friends and weekends.

Roll on 5pm Friday.

I’m out.

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