Going Gonzo – Yeah Right!

Monday, 4th March 2019.


I swear it was the weekend a minute ago. As much as I love the money, I do miss the occasional day off that I used to get.

That’s the bed I’ve made. That’s the one I have to sleep on.

The usual morning blur is about to happen anyway.

Time to run.

I feel kinda nauseous but I suppose that’s usual for Monday morning.


That felt like 3 minutes. In reality, over 2 hours. It was like a horrible nightmare but it’s done now. Everyone is in the correct place and everyone is happy(yeah right!).


No drama. That’s what we like on a Monday. I wish I could stop yawning though. I’m obviously not getting enough oxygen. Too much gas baggin’!


Me, now.


Yay. Home time. I’m collecting my washing from Carter and dropping her off some fags. Fair trade I say.


Right! That’s it! I can no longer deal with my room in it’s current configuration. The telly needs to go over there and my PC needs to go here. Jesus.


That took a hell of a lot longer than I thought but hopefully it will cure my neck problem. The problem I had was, my TV was on my left. This has made me develop a muscular pain preventing me from looking right properly.

I really like looking right.

Anyway, that is now there.

And that’s now in front of me.

At the very least, it wasted an evening.


Sometime during moving stuff or writing the last entry, I died inside.

Things just couldn’t get more mundane.

Could they?……

Tuesday, 5th March 2019.


It’s always a bad omen when an engineer’s van is outside the office when I arrive.

Luckily, it was only the moany old jobsworth. I let him say his piece, chucked in a couple of “yeah”s and “I know”s and he went on his way.


I’ve put on a stone and a half since I started this job. I cannot allow my 32″ waist to be jeopardised.

No more food. I could stop drinking but that would be stupid.


There they are! Stinky little bastards!

You boys are coming with me down the river for some running.

Not Today though…………..


I dunno why. They are generally ungrateful little bastards who just want more and more and more…..


The afternoon is slowly dribbling by. To use a great quote, “like molasses in wintertime“.

As usual, the day has been filled with a mixture of stress and tranquility. These things have become my bread and butter.


I’d shut down my computer. Put my coat on. Said my “see ya tomorrow”s.

Then, I got a call from an irrate client demanding attendance in the morning.


Twenty phone calls and half an hour later, I sorted it.

Anyway, I went to Carter’s and got her to make me pancakes.

All of this was just delaying the task I’d set myself for this evening;

Acoustic guitar maintenance on my 2 mains. New set of “tens” on the New Yorker and some “twelves” on the Eko parlour. The maintenace side is essentially giving them a wipe.


That was a task I’d been putting off. It’s done now. Thus, celebratory drinky pops and a cigarette.

Sadly, the only thing a could find to wipe them with was a sock.

The boys cleaned up good though.

The next one for “maintenance” is that yellow bastard!

I need to get some Rotosounds on it!

Go Easy.

Step Lightly.

Stay Free.

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