Going Gonzo – wrong Monday.

Monday, 4th February 2019.


It always happens when you are not on top form doesn’t it?

Engineers at jobs that aren’t properly surveyed. Engineers moaning about petty little things like having to swap Van’s for a day. My youngest is sad about his birthday.

On top of that, I think my liver is rebelling.


I’ve had to retreat to Costa for a “sit-in” lunch. I just had to get out of the office.

My head is still full of cotton wool. So, I am desperately adding coffee to try and speed it up a bit. I don’t think it’s working though.

Where’s the aspirin?

I’ve just got the feeling I woke up on the wrong Monday.


6 million phone calls and emails later….

The issues and confusion of the work related stuff seemed to be solved for now.

I thought lunch would make me feel better but it has made feel a lot worse.

Now I need to get back to learning my actual responsibilities of my job and not the stuff I have been doing.


End Of Day Results:

1. My youngest has decided he wants to come here for next weekend.

This will entail, finishing work at 5pm Friday. Driving the hour and a half journey to the halfway meeting point to collect him. Drive the hour and a half back.

That is the best case scenario traffic-wise. At the time I’m leaving, I doubt it will be that easy.

I will then take him, Louis and 2 of his friends out for the day on Saturday.

Sunday afternoon, I will do the 3 hour round trip to return him to his mother.

2. I haven’t booked my slots for parents evening this Thursday. I have just been on the school website but cannot find out how to do it. I have told Louis not to come home tomorrow unless he has full details of how it do it. This means directly after work Thursday, I will be seeing a load of teachers.

3. I am out with the boss all day tomorrow doing a kit decommission. This involves a lot of heavy lifting. Loading into a van, then delivering to another site and unloading.

4. I’ve paid what I can to the taxman but I haven’t got the time to sit on hold, do I am awaiting the inevitable call or letter.

5. Judging from my parents reaction to Sonny coming and from the general tense atmosphere that has been building for a week. I am due for another “How much of a disappointment I am” speech.

These speeches are especially fun. They actually think, that if they tell how much I’ve ruined my life enough times, I will go back in time and fix it.

Even better, they will probably do it in front of my son again.

It wouldn’t be worth it unless he knows what a worthless piece of shit they think I am, would it?

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