Going Gonzo – Working For Headspace

Monday, 27th May 2019.


My plan to hit the dump was flawed. When I arrived at the queue of cars about half a mile away, I realised that I could lose my whole day waiting to get in there. I swiftly turned around.

The summerhouse is now ready to be painted. Once that’s done I will lay the carpet tiles. All that is left to buy is a bed.

I’m pretty fucking tired. I’m also pretty fucking angry.

Anyway, I’ve come back to my parents now. I need to work all week but I currently only have tomorrow and Saturday confirmed. I also need the whole week off to get us into Carter’s before next weekend!?

I sense a lose/win or win/lose situation.

Poor Louis. He has come back to an angry father and a lot of things to get done. Oh well! It’s a life lesson.

You want something doing. Do it yourself. Trust no one.

I feel like I’m about to have a stroke again.


OK. Maybe I’m not going to have a stroke but I feel very uneasy. Restless.

As usual, the key to success is money. And, as usual, it’s the one thing I’m lacking.


X-files time. Anything to distract me from the endless, irrelevant thoughts that are going through my mind. I want to crack on with my novel but I’m not in the right headspace. I did manage another thousand words on Saturday.

Tuesday, 28th May 2019.


Bad girls are always bad girls.

Very true. It doesn’t stop us from falling for them though, does it?


Fuck. I read the address for another job and went to the wrong place. I’m in Victoria and should be in Portobello road. What a dick!


I was fucked when I arrived at Portobello road. Entirely my own fault I know but carrying 3 bags didn’t help. My left shoulder hurts.

Forget that. I’m enjoying a pint of Guinness. Just like the old days. In another old English pub.

Or rather, another “re-vamped” old English pub.

Fuck I’ve missed this. Sitting, anonymously in London pubs, watching.


I’m finally on the tube. That network I tested was fucked. Oh well, someone will be spending some money. In the good news section of life, I have managed to secure tomorrow and Thursday work which means, if I get Friday I will have a full week. This will mean all bills are paid, I can afford Louis’ bed and pay Carter rent. Then we can move in.

I can’t see me getting to the dump today though.


I just about caught the 15.50. I got drenched though. It ducking hammered down.



Louis has done a sterling job with the painting of the summerhouse interior. At this point I would say that we are all set to start the new week living there.

On a different note, I just received this email:

I just can’t see it being true. Can you?


I need to watch more detective mysteries and the like. Research. It’s all about research.

Then again, I might just go to sleep.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019.


The usual Waterloo loiter. Drink coffee. Smoke fags. Wait for the boys to turn up. Leaving from Staines, I get better train choices than the others. Apparently, there’s a cigarette butt enforcement dude here now. You know what I say:

“Give us an ashtray!”


Scenes From Site


Gay Jay looks like a tramp.


Everyone had gone gambling. I declined. I’ll just wait, pretty much where Jay is sitting, until they’ve finished.


I collected Louis at 3pm and we went to the dump. Car now emptied, we went to Carter’s, finished the painting and laid the carpet. This all happened relatively easily but doesn’t time fly when you’re not having fun.

I have now secured work for the rest of the week so including Saturday, it’s a good 800+ week. Let’s just hope that I get a little pay from the old job and my tax credit comes in.

If it does, everything will be fine,…….. For now.

Thursday, 30th May 2019.


It’s never that easy. First, I don’t seem to be getting any tax credits. Second, Saturday work has been cancelled. This has left me somewhat short. It all now hinges on whether I get anything from the old job. By contract they owe me nothing though.


End of day save.

Just got paid for this week then received a payslip from the old firm saying they are paying me 600 tomorrow. Thank fuck for that!

Now, not having to work Saturday seems like a bonus.

Good times.

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