Going Gonzo – Whip The Horses Eyes.

Tuesday, 17th March 2020.


There are, definitely, weird scenes inside the goldmine.

After yesterday’s crap, I wasn’t expecting much from today.

I was right.

I spent 12 quid on coffee and 6 quid on chocolate and Haribo.

We drove today(I say “we”. Big Gay Jay collected me). We have a new project in Oxford. This meant I only had to survive Jay’s and The Bouch’s germs…..or they had endure mine? Either way, better than the train and tube.

In fact, I think we are driving for the rest of the week. I’m borrowing my guv’s van from tomorrow until my car is done.

Facts of the day

As I said, the day started buying 4 coffees.

We were in a Costa, attached to a Tesco, somewhere in Oxford(near the Mini factory, if you care!)

We were in there around 7am and Tesco’s was already heaving. Pretty much everyone was in the toilet roll/cleaning product aisle getting angry. The reason being, it was absolutely empty. It didn’t stop people from just standing there, looking at the empty shelves. Dreaming of sanitised hands and spotless arses I suppose?

The new job was ok though. Due to the situation, there were only half the amount of contractors there. For people who need to lift a lot of floor(us), it’s a godsend.

Also, less pressure than usual. I think the Guv is just happy we are there.

Lunch involved a Burger King drive-through. I had a large double Whopper with cheese meal.

I immediately regretted it!

I always feel this way after Burger King or Maccy D’s but I do wish I’d had a double Big Mac meal though!

The result for everyone was, sluggish.

We went back onto site. Worked for another hour, then went home.

Carter is too “at risk” to leave the house so I dropped her car off for an MOT. Came home. Washed. Washed again. Had a shower. Drunk bleach. I was then allowed to enter the bedroom.

I wouldn’t have bothered but my Jameson’s was in there. She also rewarded me this:

This shit is like gold dust in the massive!

Bottom line, this is where immortality is invaluable. I feel all the pain and suffering like you mortals but I will live forever.

An eternity of pain and suffering. Suffering and pain. Anguish. Pain. Suffering…………………?

Hmmm? Invaluable?

It might be a curse?

Only time will tell.


Performed by a true professional.

Wednesday, 18th March 2020.



As suspected, every conversation, work related or not, involves the words Coronavirus or covid-19.

At least they have finally decided to fully close the schools. I really don’t want Louis bringing it in the house as Carter is on the “if you catch it you will probably die!” list.

I bought myself a box of Corona on the way home.

Thursday, 19th March 2020.


Yay! Let’s drive to London.


It was an easy drive in. Probably due to the fact that everyone else is at home.


I’m still fit and well.

I’m sitting on the sofa with the cat.


I watched an episode of The Good Life, then went and had a shower. I’m not allowed in the bedroom until I have disinfected myself.


I’ve had enough of today. I’ll watch a little Pickers and chill.

This is one belter of an album.

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