Going Gonzo – What’s The Point Again?

Monday, 22nd June 2020.


I woke up with that “What’s the point?” feeling and just can’t seem to shake it.


No. Really. What is the point?

I think I’m just pissed off because I had an argument with Louis. He came back from his grandparents, banging on about how they are going to give him the shitty old camper they own. I explained to him it want worth it because:

  • He won’t get insured on it.
  • Thus he won’t get tax.
  • Where us he going to keep it?
  • Etc, etc..

Anyway, tempers flared. Hurtful words were said. Tears were shed.

Storm in a teacup really but I still feel shit now.


I’m still very unsettled, so I’m going home.

At least I’ve got Monday out the way.


Ok! Time for some positives. Or as someone I know would say, some happys!

1. I’ve been looking for a little synthesizer. I did a lot of research and narrowed it down to the following:

Yamaha Reface CS

I didn’t mind which but I bid on a Microbrute and won it for £165.

2. I had also been looking for a short scale bass for a while. I won this for £120.


Wednesday, 24th June 2020.


Yesterday was too busy, too hot and too annoying so I forgot to write anything about it.

Back to bloody Paddington today.

My synth turned up though.


It’s pretty warm eh?

I’m finished for the day but still in Paddington. I’m waiting for my boss to return with the van to load some materials.


Thursday, 25th June 2020.


Each day is just blending into the one before. Hot Fidgety fuss.


On the upside, my route to todays job is turn right out of Tottenham Court Road and directly down Denmark Street.

Nice. I’ll have a little look later.


We worked through lunch as it was too hot to eat. I’m back on the Northern heading for Waterloo.

A lot of shops are open. Including most of the surviving music shops in Denmark Street.  It was all looky, no buyey! Plus, my short scale Squire bass is waiting for me at home.

I would suggest that, after next week, everyone have a little trip into town and experience London with no tourists!

Friday, 26th June 2020.


Mass exodus today. Big Gay Jay and The Bouch have both chucked sickies. Leaving only me and Big Dave to work on a fucking hot day.

What cunts!


It kinda worked out to our advantage. We did all the 2 man jobs, plus and few 3 man jobs and brought a cabinet in. This pleased the boss so he said we could go home.

Big Dave. Sweating.

I’m on the Northern.


I popped in to see the “rents” on the way home. I spent a good hour talking shit with my dad and repeating the same sentence to my mum.

At least my dad knows how to be hot, being Italian. I walked in and he was sitting in his chair, hanky in hand, and wearing an, old school, white vest.

Me and my dad have decided that, If we took everything over 500 million from the world’s richest, we could solve the world’s problems.

They would all still be hideously rich but the world would be devoid of hunger, famine, etc….

Prove us wrong.

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