Going Gonzo – Wet Shave.

Friday, 21st June 2019.


I almost shit myself when I looked in the mirror this morning. I saw the reflection and thought someone was about to mug me. It turns out I had a wet shave last night, whilst drunk.


On the way home. Quality Friday finishing time.

I look like Lex Luther.

Or Eastern European.



It didn’t actually take me 2 hours to get home. I did a little shopping too.


Parenting/adulting is now done for the day. Now I can spend the evening looking in the mirror, practising different expressions.

Like an actor does for head shots.

It’s very distracting and reminds oneself that “one” is a fuckin’ idiot.

Just like, without a single exception in the world, EVERYONE ELSE!

Accepting who you are is page one stuff.

I might watch some telly also.

I’ve got to get out tomorrow. I think I’ll take Carter out for a little Turtle bay

“2 for 1” cocktailing.

Saturday, 22nd June 2019.


I moved my “usual” Saturday night activities to Friday night but spent most of it watching Carter gasp for air. She quit smoking but due to her illness, her lungs are struggling to cough up the inevitable lung jam.

Basically, she is coughing so much, it stops her from breathing in.

Good times.

She woke up this morning, so all is well.

I decided to escort her into Staines as she had booked some sort of waxing procedure. Hopefully, I won’t receive a call from the beauty shop saying she’s dead.

I have retreated to Nostrano for a number 8 Bloody Mary. I needed the tabasco for brain cloud burning.

Obviously, I feel sweet now.


After Nostrano(and after Carter had been de-fluffed), we went to Turtle Bay for a couple. Then we ponsed about town until Carter felt breathless and I could feel the Mary and Long Island’s wearing off.

Now, I’m in the yard.


A few hours have passed. I’ve achieved very little.

I hung some washing out. I’ve listened to Bryter Layter by Nick Drake and Figure 8 by Elliott Smith. A little Floyd, Al and Otis. That’s it!

I started out with the best intentions to be productive. I got my laptop. Brought it down stairs and pressed the button. It was out of battery. I got the charger and plugged it in.

The day isn’t over. RIGHT! I’m getting it now!


I did get it out. Then I got a call from my boy. You don’t need to know the details but it resulted in me having to go on a little drive. I’ve just got the laptop out again. On the garden table. Look!

Cracking on is the hardest thing!


I’m concerned about my mental health.

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