Going Gonzo – Walking With Jesus.

Saturday, 12th January 2019


All I want to achieve today is;

How to buy gin with no money.

My only real option is to ponce some money off my son but it feels weird so I’m trying to formulate an alternative.

If I was walking with Jesus, I bet he’d sort this shit out. Convert some water or something.

“If heaven’s like this then that’s the place to be.”

I awoke about nine. Drank Corona for breakfast. Not for alcoholism, but because I felt empty and all I had was Corona and half a bag of Galaxy Counters. You can see why I made the choice I did. I can’t eat chocolate for breakfast!

Admittedly, there were other choices:

Maker’s Mark in a jumper.

Or the Joven, small batch, mezcal.

Maybe later if I can’t get any gin.

In other, entirely unrelated, news. This is the most unlosable photo of all time. No matter how many boxes I live out of, it always ends up at the top.

So young. So pretty. So angry.

Good Times.

One of my many sisters took it. Years ago.

I seem to remember I took Hag and Care Bear to Cumbria in my VW camper. The sole purpose of this expedition was to ring some friends in Camden and tell them I was in Penrith.



“I’ve gone on holiday by mistake.”

We were heavily into Withnail And I at the time.

Yep. It’s all phasing towards Sonic and the Spaceman.


Never talk/think/write about stuff.

The 4 bottles of Corona are now 1/2 a bottle of Corona. And the mezcal is, roughly, 3 shots lighter.

I think I’m gonna have to go to Carter’s early. There is too much distraction in this room!

Nothing productive.

Just distraction.

On a plus side, I can afford some gin. This will keep me to my “mod” sensibilities.

Like wearing a parka, desert boots, Levi’s and Gabicci shirts isn’t enough!

I think I’m a bit drunk.


I just finished the last Corona and I panicked. I’m definitely, shall we say, a happy-go-lucky scamp.

Sunday, 13th January 2019.


Home again after a delightful evening at Carter’s. She fed me. We laughed. Watched a bit of TV, then passed out.

Before I left this morning I helped her chuck her Christmas decorations in the loft. Whilst I was up there I dragged out Bridget Bolster.

Yes, she looks like a giant purple penis but she does aid my sleep patterns. Also, as I had a few pounds left I decided to spend it wisely:

Sunday is set.


I have eaten cheese and crackers. I have drunk Corona. I have taken Carter to Tesco’s. Pfft. Sundays should involve drinking in pubs, having a roast and not a lot else. Maybe next month.

I have had an opportunity to listen to some vinyl though. Not any vinyl. Limited edition vinyl! Now I’m catching up with Guy Garvey’s radio show.


That’s dinner done. It was healthy.

Shower. PJ’s and relax.

Tomorrow is another day.

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