Going Gonzo – Uppers Downers Lefters Righters.

Thursday, 9th January 2019.


I’ve been Mexican wrestling my friend Mary all night. Luckily it involved a lot of being chased around the ring as I had quite a lot of baby oil on and she couldn’t get hold of me.

I like mad dreams like that.

I awoke feeling defeated so I suspect she won.


Apart from the realisation we don’t have enough engineers, I have sneakily spent part of the compiling the blogs from the old website. What I can say about it is, I’m a hilariously, pessimistic, chemical/alcohol enhanced(or hindered) idiot who hasn’t grown up since he was 18!

It’ll probably make a good coffee table/toilet book.


Having no money is really getting me down now. Forgetting any bills that I need to pay for the rest of the month, having to transfer scraps of money from various accounts just to buy a couple of bottles of Corona is depressing.

“Just don’t drink Mark!”, I hear you say.

My reply is simple:

“Fuck Off!”

I managed to buy some anyway. Ha!

Ok. I’m gonna get dinner out of the way then crack on with this website shit.


Fuck it. I’m too tired. I’ll watch Harry Potter instead. At least until I’m bored with it. I’ve still got lots of Luther and then there is always the Black Books boxset.

I have done a little. Mainly uploading some of the old blog pitures.

Here’s a few randoms.

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