Going Gonzo – Unknown Struggle.

Tuesday, 25th June 2019.


It feels like summer now. It’s raining. The fast train is cancelled so I’ve been forced on to the dreaded loop train. Like being on a bus, it stops everywhere.


We weren’t late, but we sat in Costa for half an hour and watched the world go by the window.Today already feels like a struggle. I don’t know why, it just does.

It’s a bit miserable though.


Fuck this! I need a fag. I want a fag. So, I’m fucking well havin’ one.


Work Cunts!


Yeah. Officially, an extremely boring day. The problem with that is, is makes me sleepy. I feel sleepy all the time these days. It must be age.


I cut out the middleman, come home and watched Notting Hill. Then, I had a really good, happy yet sad, cry.

That’s pretty much normal for me.

I’ve completely run out of beer,…… and money. Luckily, I have this:

Before you panic. I’m not a giant. It’s a half bottle. By the by, it’s doing it’s job.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019.


I would normally have met Big Gay Jay by now on the train by he just text to say he has had to go home again because he was going to shit himself. He’s getting on a later train and YES he is an adult. He just has the bowel control of a child.


I have to admit I’ve never been to Glastonbury Festival by train before. On the 5? 6?(too many anyway) times I’ve been I always had the luxury of a camper.

Saying that, the first time I was in a tent but I still drove.

The point is. There are a lot of festival types at Waterloo today.

The result, as usual, was a mixture of unfounded jealousy and feeling old. It’s a take it or leave it line-up this year. Those years can sometimes be good as it removes the pressure of a timetable. A lot more time for lying around in the cabaret/circus fields. An excellent playground for the drug adled mind.


I’ve changed my mind. Remove jealousy. I’ve remembered it’s a massive pain in the arse.

I think the last time I went was the best one. I had a shed load of money and got to spend 9 hours a day by myself.

It was a bit lonely but I saw everything I wanted to, without argument.

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