Going Gonzo – Truth.

Sunday, 8th March 2020.


I’m in a world I don’t understand.

The things I want. The things I do…

How could I be wrong?

It seems so right to me…….

Monday, 9th March 2020.


Back to the norm. It’s monday so The Bouch has called in sick. Not me though. Oh no. I’m stupidly sitting on a train.

It looks like quite a nice day though.


All we have now is wait for the cable delivery. Same old shit.



There was nowhere(decent) to eat so I ended up having a pint of lager in some wankers bar.

I think it’s called Fountain and Ink. They charge £7 for a 35ml shot of Patron!

Even if you buy the bottle at standard price, you are making, appropriately, £100 on a bottle.


The second life changer.

Tired of lying in the sunshine.