Going Gonzo – Things Seem Ok Then?

Thursday, 27th February 2020.


The Golden Fleece, near Bank.

I squeezed a little work on Monday and Tuesday. Mainly, repairing laptops.I got nothing yesterday but an old spark mate contacted me and asked if I would go and take on an installation. He was happy to pay my usual rate, so here I am.

Drinking my Guinness in the closest pub I could find.

It will roll onto next week.

Things seem ok then?

Pretty much. Yeah.

Otherwise, the only issue is my holiday. And the issue is, Coronavirus.

I’m going to Lanzarote at the beginning of April so I am hoping they don’t stop travel due to the virus appearing in Tenerife.I don’t care if I catch it. I just want to go on holiday!


It’s great being in charge of myself, as there is no one to discuss breaks, lunch and hometime with. Thus, I decided to go home.

I did start at seven!

It’s also great getting away from the people I normally work with. The under educated, racist, gambling, football loving Neanderthal-ism grates on me sometimes.

Friday, 28th February 2020.


Another freezing morning in London.

Typically, the site agent is late so no one can get in.


I should have come in at 10am. Awaiting delivery.


The Sugarloaf, near Bank.

It turns out that the Golden Fleece is one of those “We don’t open ’til 12!” Pubs. Lost profit, I say.

Anyway, I’m in the Sugarloaf. £4.90 a pint. Not bad for the city.

The real question is, why am I starting my 2nd pint and not working?


The reason is quite dull. The friend who asked me to do the job has “subbed” the rest of the work out to an alternative electrician. The main, alternative, electrician didn’t turn up.

I did what I could. Got bored. Now I’m on the Waterloo and City.

Fuck it!


This, inevitably, means another pint of Guinness.

I could have got on the 13.20 train but I’m dragging it out just in case I get a call from site.