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Saturday, 20th June 2019.


I woke up with poison in my throat. By that, I mean, throat infection. It just tastes like poison everytime I swallow. Mixed with the heat of the day, I’m feeling less than comfortable.


One Corona and two paracetamol later. I feel better. At least, better than I did.


I’ve sat very still for almost two hours. listening to playlists, doing washing and feeling sorry for myself.

The last one is a given. I always feel sorry for myself.

Today’s playlist is this:



The Perfect afternoon accomplice.

It’s about the nice. And it is nice. Mellow. Understanding.

I need some chives for my potato salad. I’m gonna have to pop to the Co-Op. There’s no urgency though. No bothers.


I managed to finish the washing and go to Co-Op. No chives. No spring onions.

It was a complete waste of time really.

Sunday, 30th June 2019.


I awoke to a cool breeze coming in from the window. Blessed relief.

I am currently researching Slaughterhouse Rulez with Carter. Good quality movie.


How to sum up the rest if the day?

I made Cottage pie. Then I cooked chicken. I grabbed a few bits from my parents.

Boys and guns!

Sunday afternoon’s!

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