Going Gonzo – The Seed Of Doubt.

Sunday, 28th June 2020.


Since Friday, I have been waking up worrying about the length of some cables I ran.

I’m sure they are fine, but Big Dave planted the seen of doubt. Now, as you can imagine, I have doubt.

Momday, 29th June 2020.


I couldn’t sleep. Bloody doubt!

I ordered Louis’ birthday present over the weekend. I got him one of those top bollock electric scooters.


It’s a lot cooler today. I definitely couldn’t handle another day like Friday.


It turns out that the cable was a perfect length. I should have known. I’ve only been doing this job for 20 years! Oh well, lesson learnt.

Tuesday, 30th June 2020.


Different day, different job. I’m off to do something down the Kings Road today. I’ve forgotten what. I just have an address and a drawing.

I’ll work it out.


Yeah. I’ve done that. Sadly, I can’t go home though. I have another 10 minutes worth of locating to do after 11am, then wait for my boss to turn up with some cable.

Wednesday, 1st July 2020.


I opened the front door this morning, and said, “Hello World!”

Fuck knows why? I hate the world.

I spent most of yesterday aftetnoon sitting in Sloane Square in the rain. It suits my personality.

The only other thing to add is, I wonder how much they spend on botox around there???


Yeah. I’m back at Sloane Square. Not back in the square but at the job I’m on up the road. As usual, hanging around, awaiting a delivery.

The Horror Of Reality.

Thursday, 2nd July 2020.


Oh My God!  I’ve been so busy doing fuck all, I forgot to do my diary!

The truth is, it was a driving day. I drove to Hemel Hempstead and did a job with my guvnor. It was extremely boring and tedious. It also involved waiting 2 hours for a delivery which never arrived.


Friday, 3rd July 2020.


As I suspected, all of the issues surrounding Louis’ birthday camping trip to Totnes seemed to have been resolved. His mum is camping 2 or 3 miles up the road from where Louis is camping with his chums.

The whole thing was beginning to piss me off  so much I told Louis I would taking him shopping in London instead. This has now become the weekend after.

Today is Old Street. I have 3 bags.

Death would be a blessed sleep.


Broken, pensive supervisor.


That rounds off work for the week then!

Subday, 5th July 2020.


Music makes me cry.

Amendment: Music makes me experience emotion.

When I can listen to One Day like this by Elbow, without crying, I know I’m alright.

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