Going Gonzo – The Same As It Ever Was.

Monday, 1st June 2020.


Nothing has changed. No hoards trying to get on trains……..if I was on 80% I’d stay home too!

I’ve got another full working week, which is good, I suppose.


I’ve had my temperature taken(pre-site entrance) and i appear to be no more funked up than usual. I suppose I’ll have to do some work then…tut!

Another Service Road


One minute and fifty seven seconds of being young.




Funking tubes! I nearly had to get on a bus due to some issue with the Northern line. I opted for travelling further out to get on the other side to return.

Its been twenty years since I’ve been a bus wanker. I’m not about to start now. I would have walked instead.

Tuesday, 2nd June 2020.


Its been too hectic today to write a thing until now. I had to drive to Stratford this morning which took an hour and a quarter. Even with the reduced traffic.

The task was to start and finish a job in one go but upon arrival the amount of people on site was ridiculous.

Excellent social distancing by the construction industry.

Wednesday, 3rd June 2020.


The job was done in record time yesterday but now I’m feeling the pain of the over exertion. The drive back through London was only marred by the sheer weight of traffic and idiots on the M40.

I’m definitely not doing a lot today, that’s for sure.



Oh dear. The others are delayed in traffic. I’m forced to loiter as they have my tools……..Oh well.



Todays travel companion will be a nice 660ml bottle of Camden Hells Lager.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Paddington.

Thursday, 4th June 2020.


A couple of hours after I got home I received a call from the Boss’s daughter saying that his mum, her grandmother had died. This means I need to run the show for a couple of days.

That’s life for ya!

It’s a grey old day in London today. At least I have considerably less fucking about on the tubes.

Bakerloo straight to Paddington.

There had better be some coffee along the way!



What an absolute clusterfuck of a job but I did manage to get some coffee. We have ploughed on regardless of the disorganisation and stupidity supplied by the other trades on site.


What an awful day! The main problem was that the electrician we had been supplied to help us was a guy I refer to as “The stupid, short legged, leprechaun looking mother fucker”.

It’s not unfounded. He has got legs too short for his body, he does make himself look like a leprechaun and is very, very stupid.

After a couple of hours trying to make him understand that he needs to work with us, I gave up and realised my first impressions are normally right(he first crossed my path a couple of years back).

Some people are too stupid to see sense. He obviously wants to double handle everything.

Bakerloo Line. 3.04pm

Friday, 5th June 2020.


It’s Friday. The sky is blue. I have no money worries. What more could I ask for?

Not to be sitting on a fucking train at half six in the morning!

Them’s the breaks.

Luckily, the day should be less strenuous than yesterday as we broke the back of the job then.


I’m on the Reading train waiting for it to leave Waterloo. This is an acceptable time to be going home on a Friday.

I’m pretty tired though.

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