Going Gonzo – The Right Thing To Do.

Monday, 18th May 2021.


Nah work today. The rest of the week is fine, so I can relax and enjoy the day off.

Wednesday, 19th May 2021.


Yep. It’s Wednesday. Where did the other day go? Or the rest of Monday?

Well. Stupidly, I decided to get some cocaine at Monday lunchtime. It seems like the right thing to do.

Obviously, it wasn’t.

I still managed to get up yesterday. Drive to High Wycombe. Followed by Stevenage. I had to return via the same route. I worked in between those 2 journeys.

I felt pretty awful all day.

Skip to today. Obviously, I feel better. So much better, I could get another pack?……….maybe not.

Luckily, I only had a tiny job in Chancery Lane today. It meant I could relax on the train, etc….

Sadly, the next 2 days involve Stevenage.



I knew I shouldn’t have written about it. I promptly cleaned out my grinder upon arrival at home and did what was in it. A surprisingly large amount.

I wished it out after. To prevent the same happening again.

Thursday, 20th May 2021.


As usual, I’m another day older, with absolutely fuck all to show for it.

The only bonus of going to the Stevenage job is, the subsidised canteen. I can get 2 double bacon and egg rolls for £3.50.

And they’re fresh.

Anyway. Blardy blar. We took in a delivery. Moaned. Layed some cable matting. Moaned.

I got home around three, after collecting some drawings from some electrician in High Wycombe.

It was like a drug deal….,or espionage.

A load of travellers have encamped themselves in the car park at Ashford train station. I was a bit dubious about parking there the other day.

Louis had some idiot approach him today whilst he was on a break at college. He asked Louis for a cigarette with a thick “Irish” accent……. fuck. Boring. You can imagine.

He refused.

Words were said, he started eyeing and talking about louis’ watch, etc…..


Due to the many “incidents” that Louis has endured over the last two years, he has finally developed a little 6th sense for these situations.

He saw the fist clench.

He saw the darting of eyes.

Louis right hooked him!

He was ready……….thank fuck! Finally.

And that was that. The traveller tried to coax Louis down the stairs by the station towards his encampment, but Louis is no idiot.

The same guy, and a couple of friends, were seen waiting around near college at lunchtime but everything seems to be OK.

I saw the police down the station car park earlier.

That’s that.

He’s working with me tomorrow anyway. At least I can keep an eye on him……?! Yeah! Right! As if.

He’s an angry young man. Pretty much the angry young man I was.

I didn’t become less angry, just less young. I got a vague handle on the anger…..

This needs more thought.

I think it shits as well

On a lighter note, whilst writing the dreary saga, I saw watching Jaws. I just fancied it.

It’s a classic.

Friday, 21st May 2021.


As ill and grey as I look, I’m going out tonight. Out out!

I am meeting with the hags for a little catch up, some dim sum and some champagne.

I say a little catch up. Some of them I haven’t seen on over a year!!


I’m all ready to go but I’m waiting to order my Uber. I don’t want to be early.


I love those girls. Girls!?

Beautiful, successful, interesting, intelligent women.

Thank fuck for them. Knowing that, like always and forever, they have my back means everything.

We all met at Momo’s. Ate sushi, and dumplings and drank the champagne we had bought. Between the 4 of us, I think, there is too much catching up to do. But, at least now, we have started.

They all came back to my flat for half an hour. I knew they had to see it. I’ve wanted to have them around since the day after I got the flat.

It’s not an approval thing. After all, they are excellent home owners/runners. I’m just a bloke trying to clean and tidy to a standard.

The most important thing was, that they didn’t find it offensive and would come again.

I think they will come again.

Trust me. If it was bad. They would say.

This morning, I was doubting whether I would even turn up. Paranoia, etc…..

Now, I can say that, the two and a half hours I just spent with them, made my fucking year!

Sunday, 23rd May 2021.


Yesterday was a none event, due to going back to bed when I woke up at 0700. I re-awoke at midday.

Visited parents.

Did washing.

Play guitar/watched TV.

Ordered a curry for dinner.

Now, I’m sitting in The George, waiting for a Guinness.


Not by choice. I had, at some point, agreed to take Louis into Staines for his barber appointment. I had planned to stay in lounge wear all day and do some music.

Nice pint though. Its been over a month since my last cup ‘o’ Black stuff. And only £3.10

I walked straight in which was cool, considering that when we at Momo’s on Friday evening, there was a continuous line of about thirty people queueing to get in for two hours.


I made roast pork and trimmings. I didn’t eat much but luckily, the human dustbin did.

All I have to look forward to next week is, an online speed awareness course at 0930 on Saturday morning!

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