Going Gonzo – Stale Square Crumpets.

Saturday, 6th July 2019.


I’ve just eaten a couple of stale crumpets. It all started out well but quickly became unpalatable.

It’s a disappointing start to a Saturday.

I hadn’t really planned past yesterdays debauchment so I’m at a loose end.

Right. Motivation. Motivation. Motivation?


I could have predicted it really. I got bored. Drank a beer. Ate half a BLT. Did some washing and moved some plant pots around for Carter.

Sunday, 7th July 2019.


I struggled to find anything to hold my interest so I watched Stranger Things 3.

It was OK. I think Billy should have made the effort to service all the poolside milfs before he became a vessel for the mind flayer.

I don’t know where carter is. I woke up and found this:

She has been dieting. So, this might be all that is left.


I’ve been napping and dreaming.

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