Going Gonzo – Soul On A Good Day

Monday, 22nd July 2019.


The biggest tragedy of life is getting up on a Monday.

Unless you’re Terry Favour.

It’s supposed to be very warm this week, but right now it’s grey. Like my soul on a good day. I can’t think of anything worth while that will happen this week? Oh! Apart from Carter’s birthday. I’ll have to take her out somewhere I suppose.


It turns out it’s not as grey as I thought. I forgot I was wearing sunglasses!


Another day. A different Globe pub. This time the one on London Wall. It was a total of £14.65.

Which is a lot but I really wanted a breakfast and a sit down.

The Peroni was just a bonus.


I’ve left work early to meet Louis off the train but I don’t think he is even on it yet! That was worth the extra effort then?!

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019.


That was a good days work!

We are heading home from Reading but no word on work for the rest of the week yet. I’ll spend a little time with Louis. I think he’s got a lot more stories to tell me about his festival adventures.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019.


Yep. It went from shit to worse.

I received a text from the Guv saying there is no work for a couple of days. Louis’ throat thing has now become a throat and ear thing.

And it’s hot.

The only upside at the moment is, the doctors surgery has air-con.


He’s got a virus. The doctor gave him a prescription but I can’t fill it until next Monday as it might get better.

Anyway, we visited my parents and got some bits and bobs. My dad did is usual trick of trying to palm off excess vegetables on me. I wanted neither courgettes or runner beans but I suspect there will be a sack of each next time I visit.

I really unhappy about the work situation.

Shut it Doug! No ones cares what you’re opinion is.


I got bored so I contacted my Guv. He’s got fuck all! It’s way worse than I thought. I’m trying to reconcile the information but the bottom line is,…….

A life of crime.

Crime is not something I’m particularly skilled at.

Fuck it! At least I’ll eat and sleep indoors.

I don’t deserve this world. People like me should have been put down at birth(or never born if my mum got her way).

And when I leave this planet
You know I’d stay but I just can’t stand it.

This next part is for all the people I love. You know who you are.

Just in case I never get to say it to you, face to face, again.

Go Easy.

Step Lightly……..and always,

Stay Free.

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