Going Gonzo – Skill Set

Monday, 15th July 2019.


The only goal I have today is making sure Louis gets on his train alright. I’ve had to go to work in Gatwick(got removed from the other job as my skill set was required back in Gatwick), so it’s not the best place to be making that happen. I’ll just have to rely on him to be organised.He needs to be walking to the Station by 11pm.

Let’s see shall we?


So far, not so good.

He lost his tobacco half way to the Station so walked back to find it. Someone must have picked it up because he got all the way home without finding it again.

I have now told him to wait and get on the 15.53. I’ll have to get back by three and take home there.

Obviously, after replacing his tobacco!



We are on the road. I think arrival at Jay’s is quarter past three. I’ll get home by three thirty. Then I’ll get the boy in the car and ensure he gets on the train.

Christ! He should have been there by now.


I got him on the train. I went to my parents. Going to my parents was a bad idea because now I feel really depressed.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019.


Piffle! That’s what today is.


It’s not really piffle. We just have a very arduous task to get through before we can go home.

The testing of 220 CAT6A cable to be precise.

It’s a dreary old saga I know.


Today’s lunch consisted of:

3 boiled eggs.

Mixed leaf salad.

Extra spinach.

Yellow and red cherry tomatoes.

The unhealthiest part would be the dressing!


We met a bloke on site who was selling a bit of green. I bought a little bag which we sampled on the way home.

I’ve just eaten a mini KFC fillet burger, sushi, Maltesers and 3 twisters!

Wednesday, 17th July 2019.


Despite the fact we are almost home, it’s been an absolute Cock-Wank of a day. We(me and The Bouch) left mine at 6am. Drove to my Guv’s house and collected the van. Then I drove the van to the city. Dropped off a load of materials at a new job. Drove to Gatwick and collected a load of other materials and helped finished a job. Drove back to High Wycombe to drop off the van.

Sean is currently driving me back from High Wycombe after the van drop. It’s a lot of driving but we are now having a quick number.

It’s the little things.

I’m fucking shattered though.

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