Going Gonzo – Shit Skipper.

Monday, 29th July 2019.


Another week yay!

I have work tomorrow but nothing else confirmed. Then I have about a grands worth of bills coming out on Wednesday. I just can’t wait! It’s so exciting…………

Nah. I just can’t do it. Pretend everything is OK? I can’t even manage it when I have no reason to be sad. Let alone when there is actual reason.

Fuck it. I’ll just sit in the garden.


Tuesday, 30th July 2019.


I’m at the station. I just about mangled together the £25.50 for the travelcard but I’ve no tobacco, no food, nothing.

Wait! That’s a lie. I found enough change to buy a coffee. Now I have nothing.

Good times.

The worst part is, still nothing for the rest of the week.


I forgot we had this new “shit skipper” train. I call it that because it skips all the shit places!


Nothing is ever straight forward. I got to Waterloo and found out i needed to meet my Guv in Baker Street. Went there and had a coffee. Then we got a call saying we needed something else at the Waterloo job so had to go to the closest electrical wholesalers. It was on Berners Street(Oxford Circus).

Now I’m on my way back to Waterloo.


I spent a few hours in Waterloo. Testing cables, breathing in dust, etc. Now I’m back on the tube. This time the Waterloo and City. I’m going to check another jobs progress and collect some other materials.

It’s all work. I just wish it wasn’t so warm in the tunnels.


I used my management skills and managed to create some extra cabling work. This has now secured work for Thursday. We are returning to Waterloo tomorrow. That’s three days!

Fuck! I might just get through bills week.

Wednesday, 31st July 2019.


It’s been a busy day of bullshitting. It did bear fruit though. The fruit being another days work on Friday. That means I have successfully turned one days work into four.

It’s a talent I never knew I had.

I’m just on the train home. Sonny has arrived for a visit until Sunday. Louis is sorting him out.

I’m gonna allow myself to not worry about money for the rest of the day.

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