Going Gonzo – Rowdy Bunch

Friday, 18th January 2019.


Here we are again. Another Friday. I can’t sit at my desk at the moment because we have some engineers doing online training.

Like all engineers(trust me. I know! I was the worst), they are a rowdy bunch of cunts.


All is quiet again. Just us office cunts.


I’ve just bought my entire lunch at Costa. Expensive but delicious.

It consisted of:

1 breakfast wrap.

1 ham and cheese toastie.

1 large cap.

I had to. It’s the new Friday lunch law I’ve created. I will only allow it to be replaced by a liquid lunch.

I was just going to have the breakfast wrap but the lure of cheese was too great. Whether it was worth it, I don’t know but it was fucking enjoyable.


I hope I can stay as productive as I am now when I get home.

It’s doubtful.


Amusingly, I’ve managed to achieve some of what I wanted to do at home. It frees me up to drink and smoke doobs and play a little RDR2. Unless I actually pick up a guitar or do something else creative.


I did play a little RDR2. I am drinking a couple of bruskies. I’ve smoked a jazz woodbine. I even picked up my guitar for twenty minutes. Oh, what to do next?

Well, I could go out and have an actual life but that’ll have to wait until I have some groats.


I know it was pretty cold last night but tonight I’m really feeling the cold.

I’m wonder if I’m gonna fall asleep? Or am I going to lay in bed with my eyes closed until morning?

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