Going Gonzo – Retro

Monday, 11th January 2019.


I definitely don’t feel like I’ve had any sort of weekend but a fathers duty is never done I suppose.

My shoes were fucked after standing in the rain in Southall on Friday, so I’ve had to break out the reserves I bought the other week.

They are a kinda retro boot/trainer type thing.

Alright for work?

I’ve caught Louis’ flu thing. I feel like shit.


I’m progressively feeling worse and worse. At least I’m sitting in an office and not out at some sort of manky office fit out. I just had a phone call from one of my colleagues. His throat is so bad I had to ask who it was. He was unrecognisable. I’d better not mention my pansy cold.


Everything was fine until I left work………..

I got a call from my boy. Caught with cigarettes again. Not long after, the head teacher called. He will be excluded(again!) tomorrow. Then, providing they agree, spend the rest of the week in solitary lessons.

Many a harsh word was said by me to Louis.

On top of that, my partner in crime has possible pneumonia. If she hasn’t responded to drug treatment by the end of the week she has to go into hospital.

Good times!

Tuesday, 12th February 2019.


Another stupidly busy day at work.

Louis left the house as if he was going to school. This was to avoid any involvement of my parents. Exclusion would mean expulsion to them and, truthfully, I couldn’t be fucked with that conversation. I sent him round to Carter’s to help her with anything she needed. Sadly, the only thing she needs is new lungs. Still, from the report I got, he was very caring and attentive.

I told him to leave her be at lunch time, so she could sleep, and sent him round to Auntie Mary’s. She is, and always will be, my ultimate back up. Louis respects her and listens to her.

I rang Carter. She isn’t much better. If no change by tomorrow, she will be admitted.

Last night, after the “strong words”, I received a little message, from an important, regarding the purchase of an outfit from one of my favourite films, Moonrise Kingdom. This inspired me to watch the film(again). I made Louis watch it with me. He liked it.

Of course he fucking did. It’s great!

Tonight he will be watching Royal Tenenbaums.



We watched Royal Tenenbaums. Louis didn’t enjoy it as much as Moonrise Kingdom. I wasn’t expecting him to. I just wanted to force a bit more of the genius, that is Wes Anderson, on him.

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