Going Gonzo – Rest & Recreation

Saturday, 26th January 2019.


Even engulfed within the dirty pillows I had trouble sleeping.

We watched series five of Luther which was excellent. I drank a couple of beers. We had dinner.

I have decided, that due to my new job, I’m having trouble turning off. After 15 years of physical work and now swapping to brain work, I suppose it’s to be expected. Of course I have a solution.

I said I’d help Carter do her food shopping. In return she is gonna lend me money to buy some herbal remedy and donate a pack of diazepam.

She’s a good girl.

We are heading towards Feltham for the first of THREE supermarkets.


Recovery drink in shithole.


It didn’t take all this time. I got home about 2. I’ve just been laying in bed watching video clips on Facebook, drinking and eating junk food.

I actually feel tired now. I hope it is going to last because I don’t want to be laying in the dark staring at the ceiling at 3am tomorrow morning. Well. Not unless I was receiving a blow job or something. I doubt that’s on the cards.


“Now you’re at the wheel. Tell me how, how does it feel?”

Diazepam. Check.

Fatty Boom Bat. Check.

Alcohol. Check.

TV on. Sound down.

“Tore down the house of commons in your brand new shoes.”


I definitely slept.

I still woke up st about 4am but I quickly fell asleep again. I woke up again at about 9 feeling a bit more refreshed than usual.

I’ve spent the morning organising. Photos, music files and my head. I’m looking for a kill switch. A fool proof way to wind down and sleep. I think reading is the key. Luckily, I have a load of unreads knocking about.


Happiness is guitar called Takamine.

A mild guitar.


This bottle is empty. I need another. Just like this one, but full.


At least I’ve managed to get shaving out of the way. Bonus.

I didn’t take the diazepam last night. I’m taking it now.


A few episodes of Black Books and Spaced later, I feel ready for sleep…….maybe?

I realised I still haven’t finished that Luke Haines book. Fucking hell! I must have started it a year ago.

It’s done now.

No wonder I have such a pile. I can never move on until a book has been finished.

“In the garden, you drink lilac wine.”

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