Going Gonzo – Refreshing

Saturday, 20th July 2019.


That was pretty much how the day started. I knew I had agreed to go into town. Carter needed craft supplies for a work thing. I survived HobbyCraft but insisted on Nostrano’s directly after.

They do a fair Bloody Mary but I had to buy the pint because they are so, fucking, slow! Look! I’d drunk half a pint before it arrived.

Carter had this Elderberry Cooler. It’s a gin and vermouth thing. It tasted alright.

Carter said, in a 1920/1930’s kinda way, “It’s really quite refreshing!”

So, there you go…

After some food, we did a couple more shops then headed home.

The rest of the afternoon involved Corona, fatties, spotify and washing.

Sunday, 21st July 2019.


The usual shit. Dullest of dulls.

Louis is back tomorrow. I don’t think Sonny is coming until next week now. Now I just need to deal with Carter’s birthday on Thursday.

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