Going Gonzo – Red Bus Rover.

Monday, 25th February 2019.


I wonder what’s happening out there? People buzzing around. Doing what they do.

I love the way my brain processes such things. If I can’t see you, your story stops for adverts. You don’t age. You don’t change. Like an extra on The Truman Show.


How dare you experience life without my presence.

I wonder what’s happening out there?

I’m hear discussion downstairs. I can’t work out if it’s Louis, flirting with some girl via Snapchat? Or my parents discussing their worthless 3rd child?

The shame of the family.

I must eavesdrop,……. . . I mean, investigate!


It turns out I was wrong on all accounts.

L-Bobs was in his room giggling like a 12 year old girl about something he was watching.

My dad had found a channel on Italian satellite. It seemed to be a current affairs show. They asked old italians(all of whom looked very similar to my dad), their opinions on stuff.

He decided to watch this at a volume that made me think he was having one of his rants.

Easy mistake really.

Mis-adventure is an interesting word.

The word I’m really looking for is on the tip of my tongue?……………

It’s one of those words that ends in…..cide?

Not regicide?………….


I’m joking. He could probably still take me. He’d pull a flick knife or summink?…..


Fuck. It must be miserable in Italy right now. The volume level is the same. Endless ageing maniacs have been “Skyped in” to have a moan about going slowly(lentamente being the only word I understood).This has sent my dad into some sort of deranged manical laughter.

When I walked passed the lounge door. I was pretending to get a glass of water. I also witnessed some pointing at the screen.

Jus sayin’.

All of a sudden. I feel the urge.

To get a Red Bus Rover.

And run.

Tuesday, 26th February 2019.


The leaving engineer decided he couldn’t be arsed so he left his van in Lambert and fucked off. That was about eight thirty this morning. It don’t matter. He’s gone. Full stop.

More pressing than that, I realised I can’t afford a ten pound ticket to Waterloo!

Alright. Maybe I can, just about, but it shows you the state of affairs I’m in. I did suspect it would take until March payday to steady the boat.

I hate it when I’m right about this kinda stuff.


I’m just dragging it out now. I don’t want to go to early as I don’t want to come back to anything in the office. I want to be getting back about 5.


That’s enough dragging out. Time to jump on the train. The weather is good. I have RayBans. What could possibly go wrong?


I don’t think I’ve ever been on the train from Chertsey to Waterloo before. It seems all direct trains go round the loop via Hounslow. Talk about drag it out. I’m getting a good hour plus of headphones time though.

Right. Anyway. The question is:

Liquid lunch or food?


I did have a liquid lunch. It was just a pint of Guinness in the Hole In The Wall, just outside Waterloo. Nevertheless, it was a liquid lunch. After that I strolled over to Lambeth Police Station, had a look around, listened to the engineers moan, then got in the van and drove back to Chertsey.

All, as illustrated, in my video above.

There is nothing else to really say about it…Oh wait! That’s what I going to say.

It was a break from the norm.


I promised the boy we would watch Bohemian Rhapsody tonight. It seems like the best plan.

Only tomorrow to get through until a little change goes in my pocket.

Roll on Thursday.

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