Going Gonzo – Raoul!

Wednesday,23rd January 2019.


“Are you disappointed?”


“Because you didn’t make it to the World’s End?”


I feel I’ve had a bit of, what I like to call, an adult moment the last couple of days. I realised it was mad. How on earth can I be an adult?

Just,… how???

Anyway, I’ve shrugged it off.

When you reach the bottom.

Return to the past.

I’ve spent most of my life there.

– MP.

Thursday, 24th January 2019.


Another day. Another stack of paperwork. Strangely, we are all quite upbeat today.

Perk of the day: Free notebook from a supplier.

Another black leather notebook!


Home again. Another better day. I’m building respect amongst the office dwellers but the engineers will be a tougher job.

At the moment they think I’m just some manager who has no concept of data cabling. The last manager didn’t have a background in data so I think it will ease me in with them when they realise I know what I’m talking about.

Not that is really matters. I’m not there to make new friends. Plus, after 20 years, I know all data engineers are cunts. Myself included.

I’ve had to grab a laptop from work to start my training courses. I’ll never fit it in during the working day. I’ll get the time back to cash or holiday.


It would have been cool if they had given me the right power supply for the laptop! Tut!

I’ll watch a little TV then.


I just watched Ghost Stories on Netflix. It was pretty good. It’s got Martin Freeman and Paul Whitehouse in it. It’s kinda disturbing. Clever even.

I felt kinda freaked out after so now I’m watching Clue, starring Tim Curry. It’s based on the board game. Obviously, it’s called Cluedo but, you know, Americans!

Jesus. Don’t get me started (night, not nite!).

I’ve seen it loads of times and it has my all-time, favourite comic actress in it.

Madeline Kahn.

Her timing is impeccable.

I’m a bit disorientated due to the bag of popping candy I just ate.

I think I should go to sleep.

Friday, 25th January 2019.


I feel like it’s still Thursday. This is due to not sleeping at almost night.

I had the ‘Scope of Works’ documents reviewed. Minimal changes. Good because it was sending me mental. I can send them off today and forget about it for the weekend.


Costa again! Amstels for the weekend.


Thought of the afternoon

I like this job. I get to wash my hands more. It leaves more scope for my mind to be dirty.


I’ve had enough now. I need a shower. I need some booze. I need a lay down. I need to bury my face in Carter’s boobs.

I’m sitting downstairs listening to the boys upstairs argue stuff out. I’ll wait until I’m summoned. They don’t need an extra voice involved.




No matter what happens. I’ll believe the following words until the day I die.

“You give a little love and it all comes back to you.

You’re gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do.”

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