Going Gonzo – Putting Things Right.

Tuesday, 15th January 2019.


Today’s success is going to rest upon two things:

  1. How successful I am at blagging the overdraft decision.
  2. What happens at school today with Louis.

I’ll ring the bank at lunchtime and, probably, the school.

I need to ensure they doing something about it.


I couldn’t help myself. I’ve rung the school. I am waiting for the head of year to ring me back.


I’ve just had the call back from the head of year. We have devised a plan. Let’s see if they sort it out or not. I still have a call from the teacher that Louis swore at to look forward to.

The head of year told me, Louis called the teacher in question a “useless poncey cunt“.

I stifled my chuckles.

Louis is right though. If the teacher had been doing his job properly, Louis wouldn’t have sworn at him.

Useless Poncey Cunt!


I’ve just done a deal with the bank concerning my overdraft. I can’t believe how productive I’ve been.

It’s about bloody time!


As I was on a roll, I convinced the lad in the garage next door to work to reset my engine management. It was great being able to drive home without a 3000rpm restriction.

Home again. All I have left for today is a couple of bills to pay then chillin billin!

I haven’t received a call from the “useless poncey cunt” teacher.

Again, useless poncey cunt! LoL!


Aaannnnnnnddddd……..I’m spent! A little Harry Potter background on ITV2 and a couple of bottles of Heineken. What a life I lead huh?

I was thinking about getting my black bomber and brie out so I could try my new cheese board but I dunno if I’m feeling peckish. Maybe after I’ve smoked a doob?


I’ll eat cheese tomorrow. L-Bob’s scored some Maltesers and Minstels.

Good lad.

Right. That’s enough.

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