Going Gonzo – Psychedelic Thumb.

Monday, 10th May 2021.


It’s nice not feeling near death. It’s also nice to be able to see. The things we take for granted eh!?

Thankfully, I’m in town today. There was way too much driving last week. Miriam(my car) is not pleased. So, she is resting.


Always watching.

Chancery Lane today. Moving shit about under the floor to facilitate a new desk layout. Thrilling stuff.

But,….its time for coffee and croissants. A very important part of the day, as you can imagine.


Everyone got bored, so I’m on the train home. It was the Guv’s idea.

My eyes are still adjusting to these new contact lenses so, going  home suits me fine. I’m pretty sure I need to stop at the Supermarket for essentials but it’s still better than working.

My vision now!

Also, I get to revive an old tradition.



I just found a recording of a song with no melody/lyrics from 15+ years ago on my phone. I was, obviously, intending on doing something with it. I just can’t remember what. We will call it the La La song for now.

Feel free to tell me what to do.


I just had a 20 minute conversation with my favourite neighbour from upstairs. It’s was mainly about our, current, communal bin situation. But, we managed to slate the Royal family, all the other neighbours and the building owners at the same time.

Good work , I thought.

I went to the supermarket. I bought 78 quids worth of stuff.

Mainly booze.

I  had left a note on our board for Louis is clean the bathroom. He did a sterling job.


I suppose I’d better cook that steak for him then?

How do you know if you have worms?


I made a couple of steaks. One was rump. The other was sirloin. I gave him the choice. He went for the sirloin.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I bought some “dirty” fries from the reduced section in Tescos. They worked well.

At that point, it seemed right to show Louis, League Of Gentlemen.

That perfect mix of comedy and sickness I enjoy so much.

Genius, and always will be.


Tuesday, 11th May 2021.


Another day gone. How many more are there?


Cable management

Considering the mess I found, I’m surprised to be at Waterloo already. It was a pain in arse, as you can see above.

My timing couldn’t have been worse though. Missed the 28 past train by a minute.

I like tits.

Wednesday, 29th May 2021.


After work yesterday, I collect my vari-focal glasses. Freaky! That all I have to say about. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

For dinner, I tried a few of my hot sauces.

50% No DaBomb.

Today’s adventures have only taken me as far as Egham. In that building, in the middle of the roundy-roundy off the 25 slip.

If you know, you know.




I’ve been home half an hour already. I wish all jobs were like that.


Well. What an eventful day that turned out not to be!

No. It was good. Did some music. Did some washing. Changed my bed.


Oh yeah. I made a chilli too. Then, I sorted out enough work to get to the end of the week. Nice.

Thursday, 13th May 2021.


Well, the chilli was a write off. Louis went out to get pitta bread at around 5pm. He didn’t reappear until 9pm. By this point, I’d gone to bed and fallen asleep.

I’m sure he had some but I went to bed with no supper.

London Bridge today.


Done that. On the way home. I still gotta go to Flackwell Heath to collect the van for tomorrow but I must not, MUST NOT complain.

The finest know to humanity.


As suspected, my guvnor dragged the whole thing out. The hour round trip ended up taking two and a half hours. Oh well. Them’s the breaks.

Friday, 14th May 2021.


We left the house at 07.15 to travel the 17 miles to London Bridge. We arrived at 07.49.

London Miles!!!

Anyway, we are cracking on.


We left at 14.20 and we just walked in. As I said, that’s a long 17 odd miles.

This gave me enough time to critique the 2 albums that were released today.

Paul Weller – Fat Pop & Matt Berry – The Blue Elephant.

All I can say is, another brain dump for Paul. He emptied his head of song ideas. That doesn’t mean that they are any good!

Some are.

Matt Berry’s album is fantastic. I was addicted by 2 songs in.

You will just have to listen.

Saturday, 15th May 2021.


I awoke at 6am but gave myself a long, hard talking yo in the mirror and managed to go back to sleep until nearly 11am.

Ok. I had to smoke a joint, but it worked!

I got a food/alcohol delivery at half eight last night, so I’m sorted for the weekend. I also received this.

With a 20 minute setup, it’s top notch for £115!

I’m on my 4th listen of The Blue Elephant. It’s inspiring.

Sunday, 16th May 2021.


I played the new guitar a lot. Most of the day really. I enjoyed it but, the truth is, I had nothing better to do.

We had pie for dinner.

Today has been pretty normal.

I did my usual faffing around. Played some guitars. Listened to music, etc……

Just a quiet day, I suppose.

I made chicken wings and we finished the other 6 of the “12 hot sauces from around the world” pack I bought the other week.

I very also had to rewatch the first series of American Horror Story, as Louis watched to watch it.

With the rain outside, it made for a dark afternoon.


I also managed to, finally, get some art stuff out on the table.

I ain’t working tomorrow.

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