Going Gonzo – Pot ‘n’ Pills

Thursday, 13th June 2019.


I’m travelling through the arse end of Northolt in the back of Big Dave’s van.The weathers great.It’s good to get out of the house though. I’ve smoked way too much pot and I had started eyeing up those pills.Anyway, it doesn’t matter now. I’ve work until Saturday. It’ll just about cover my week.


We have acquired a decent sized job in Baker Street. Hopefully, it’ll keep me out of trouble for a couple of weeks and put a few coins in my pocket.

Oh look! A pub called the Beehive.


Today’s window view.


The pint and the pretty girl.

All I can say is, she was an absolute peach. A ray of sunshine on an otherwise grey day.


I got bored wandering around in the rain so I came back thinking everyone else would be back. Then I spotted the bookies and realised it would be a while. I taped and pulled the first 24 cables 10 metres then gave up.

The new official colour is orange.

Friday, 14th June 2019.


Got paid. Payed bills.

That’s how exciting the rest of yesterday was.

I’ve definitely got a good couple of weeks work now. The Baker Street job. After this Saturday, I’ll take a weekend off.


Another day dicking around the city. I found Big Gay Jay loitering 00around Waterloo so we had coffee and discussed crop rotation in the 14th century.

Anyone who knows Jay, knows this isn’t true but we can pretend. Anyone who knows me, knows I’ll talk/pretend to have knowledge of any topic.

I tend not to sit with Jay on the tube because he does weird shit like this:

Disassociation is the best policy.


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