Going Gonzo – Positivity Reward

Wednesday, 17th April 2019.


It looks nice outside. I might go have a looksy.

Back at my parents last night. I slept well. I think I’m finally getting used to having a whole bed to myself.

Just tomorrow to get through before I can spend the 4 day weekend achieving very little.


Almost out the door. Unless something happens.

Knowing my luck………… No,no. Be positive.


My positivity was rewarded. I’m at home already. And due to an audio shuffle on the way home I am currently listening on this:

It has one of the best album covers. Purely because it was drawn by Dave Gibbons.

Good fuckin’ tunes too!

Life in a nutshell.

Thursday, 18th April 2019.


So much for pre 9am deliveries! I know there are protests going on in London but hey! When you pay for a service?……..


Still no delivery. Another 10 minutes before the shit hits the fan. How hard can it be?


Fuck fuck fuck!!!


It arrived at 12.15. Motherfuckers! It has caused me so much grief this morning, I can tell you.

All I want is a clean 4 days off.

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