Going Gonzo – Plotting Murder.

Saturday, 9th February 2019.


As I have previously said, all I could muster was taking my two and two of Sonny’s friends to Pizza hut. A hundred quid I didn’t have later, we are done. All that’s left is to let the kids have a bit of laptop time for computers, phones, online, etc… .


Me and Maddy put the world to rights while the kids had fun. So, in essence, we had fun.

I’m home now.

It was a joyous return home too. I entered to the usual reprimand of why do me and Louis create so much washing. Why can’t Louis wear one shirt a week!? I kid you not.

You would think the easy solution would be to do my own washing. Oh, how I wish I could do my own washing!

The mere suggestion if it makes my dad square up and, in no uncertain terms, say I’m too stupid to do my own washing.

According to him, I’m too stupid to do anything. It’s amazing considering I survived and brought up 2 children for 20 years of my life.

It must have been luck.

My favourite line of the putting down was where he suggested that for twenty years, when clothes were dirty, I threw them away and bought new ones.

It would be funny if he wasn’t deadly serious. I could feel my fists clenching so I went upstairs.

Living in my car is becoming a preferred choice.


I had to find some way of sweetening the evening and preventing me from plotting murder. The result was breaking the seal on the Maker’s Mark.

It’s not my favourite but it’ll do for tonight. I’ll see how it pans out.


It’s kicking in a bit.

I don’t think it’s helping.


I knew it wouldn’t help. Bourbon rarely does. It’s lucky I haven’t got any Twiglets.

They really make me violent.

Sunday, 10th February 2019.14

14. 13

Here I am again. This time I brought Louis along for the ride. There he is, looking thoughtfully into the distance.

The change over was quick and I think his mother appreciated seeing him. This also meant I had a wingman as I was feeling pretty tired.

16. 12

I dropped Louis off and am now at Carter’s. I promised I would put on a bathroom door lock in exchange for dinner and a restbite from my parents. I’ll probably hang until 7/8 when I promised I’d go home and watch Slaughterhouse Rulez with Louis.


The copy of Slaughterhouse Rules was shit so we moved on.

Tomorrow is Monday. It starts all over again. It’s time to move on. Here is the return. After dropping off Sonny.

Louis’ playlist.

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