Going Gonzo – Pessimistic Positivity.

Thursday, 14th February 2019.


There is a level of calm today. As much as I want to embrace it I’m finding it unnerving.

The calm before the storm?

It’s probably just my pessimistic tendencies messing with me.

The boy is in day 2 of this isolation. He sends me pictures of where they put him. Here is today’s:

By the looks of things he is not only isolated, but doing it in a storage room. What a shithole!


What a blinder of a day, weather-wise. It always cheers the soul when you sprinkle a little sunshine on it. Hhhmmm……….. Playlist?


I’m home now. I just had a call from the boy’s head of year. She wants him to see her before school tomorrow. He’s not in more trouble. She is going to cancel his last day of isolation and let him go back to regular classes.

At least this will enable him to make some plans for half term.

I wish I had a week off next week!!!

Friday, 15th January 2019.


Warmed by the hearth of our hearts…….. Or was it the Jameson’s?

I’m suspecting the Jameson’s. The only resemblance anything my heart has to a fireplace is the lumps of coal that go in it.

Sad but true. Feelings are for the weak.

“Right! That’s enough of that or I’ll put the fucking leeches on you.”

Fair enough.

As long as Carter is recovering and Louis manages to get through the day without incident, I’ll take that.


Aahhh. There it is. An engineer just called in sick. This is the sort of shit that ruins a day.


Now another one wants to leave.

Sinking ship anyone?


Now everyone is on a conference call. It doesn’t really sort out the immediate problems. If no one cares, no one cares.

Fuck it!


Now my colleague has gone home sick!

Shall I just go?


OK. We have had a slight level of redemption after this morning.


When I say slight, I mean slight.

Ten minutes after typing the entry at 14.31 it all went pear-shaped again. I ran around like an absolute twat for 3 hours until I slumped in my chair, gathered myself and left the building.

I’ll be eavesdropping on conversations from now on as it has occurred to me that they won’t need an installation manager if they don’t have any engineers.

Also, whilst I remember. My colleague, the bosses daughter, wasn’t ill. She had a hangover……….

I’m not impressed. I mean, for fucks sake, I’ve managed 4 days straight with no sleep and a body full of alcohol and drugs and still turned up to work and done what had to be done.

Fucking lightweights are the scum of the earth.

You can sleep when you’re dead!

Luckily, they were doing a deal on Heineken at the supermarket at lunch time. I’ll down a few and see if that takes the edge off a bit.


I added a little Maker’s Mark to the equation. It helped. Along with the Heineken, some cigarettes and a collection of fine tunes.


I’ve had it with this week now.

Roll on the better days.

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