Going Gonzo – Parents Evening.

Thursday, 7th February 2019.


A bit of “pre-complete waste of time” dinner. Then we are off to school. Then, they will tell me the same information that is on the parent portal.

As I said, a complete waste of time.


It was all very jolly. Even with the “altercation” and disciplinary action that followed, Louis’ reputation amongst the teachers seems to have survived unscathed.

Apart from that, it was a load of “could do better” and “if he applied himself he really could…” platitudes that I remember from my childhood.


After four or five teachers I thought we had done enough and left. I sensed if I stayed any longer I was bound to bump into someone I went to school with. With their own child desperate not to be there.

It amazes me that someone I probably said three words to in my life could think we have some sort of friendship! Based entirely upon the fact we went to the same school at the same time.

Maybe they’re lonely?

Learn to love to be alone I say.

I’m driving the drive tomorrow.

The drive that takes me down the 303 to Stonehenge.

Friday, 8th February 2019.


All quiet so far. I’m hoping to go and help a couple of lads to deconstruct a tower in Southall this afternoon. This will mean I can I can shoot straight from there to Stonehenge and possibly miss the first part of the traffic.

I don’t know how that is gonna pan out. Either way, I’m leaving by 4.


I’m sitting my car, in the police enclosed carpark in Southall. It’s absolutely pissing down. I’m still waiting to take the tower down. The Joy of life?


I’ve done that trip to Stonehenge many times. This one has to rank in the top 3 worst.

It rained. Roads were closed. People were crashing into each other……..you name it.

We survived and had Macdonalds. I left Southall at 14.30. We got home at 18.50.

Anyway, enough of that.

On the way there I decided to record myself for the whole journey.

I look fucking insane sometimes.

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