Going Gonzo – Once More Unto The Breach

Thursday, 27th June 2019.


My final “maxed out” credit card had just enough money on it to get a travelcard. Eating today is not looking likely.I knew it would get this bad before it got better.81o

This is it. This is what I got. This is the way it is.


“D’you know what your problem is?”


“You never grew up?”

“What do you mean?”

“You never became an adult.”

“OK. sorry. How can I fix it?”

“I dunno.”


I think I must have done some sleepwalking last night as I woke up with a fucked ankle. Really weird! It was fine last night.

I wonder where I went?


The work moodiness is continuing. Luckily, it is only via the phone as me and Jay are alone in Baker Street today. We got a call concerning a missing cable in Reading. The time it took to listen to the whinging was about how long it would have taken to fix it. Some people really feel the need to accredit blame.

I have also found out that my return has rattled a few cages. Apparently, having four months away cancels out the 20 years I’ve worked with my Guv. I’m not sure how he sees it but I know “others” have stabbed the back.


Just got paid. That will reduce my stress for an hour.



It turned out OK in the end. Work is so easy when it’s just me and Jay. I have been working with him for around 15 years, give or take a few months. We can both, pretty much, pre-empt what needs doing from whatever the other is doing.

We went to The Globe for Breakfast. Opposite Baker Street tube. The breakfast was acceptable. The icy pint of Peroni was a god-send.

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