Going Gonzo – On The Cards

Thursday, 26th September 2019.


I’ve just submitted most first full week payment in God knows how long. Just in the nick of time as well, as it’s bills week next week.

I would prefer to spend it on a couple of 8-balls, some pills, grass and loads of quality alcohol but it doesn’t appear to be on the cards.

Friday, 27th September 2019.


The rest of yesterday was uneventful. No arguments. Nothing. I went home, rode around in RDR2 and drank a couple of Coronas.


We had breakfast then went to the pub. It’s unusual for everyone to go but one of us did a little “business” with one of the practitioners on site. This resulting in us smoking a fatty at about nine thirty.

We should have all gone home then really!


We did manage to go back after lunch ad do a bit more work. Enough work to justify payment at least.

I’m on the train now though. Feeling a llittle sleepy and ragged. I’m hoping this M&S Cow Lager perks me up a bit.

Sunday, 29th September 2019.


Saturday turned out to be a waiting game. Waiting for Sonny to be dropped off for the next 9 days whilst my Ex goes on, what seems to be, her sixth holiday of the year. He eventually arrived about 2pm.

It’s great to see him but we lost the day. I mean, proper lost. Not due to an evening drug taking and drinking.

I needed to go out for supplies but I couldn’t face it at that time on a Saturday, so I opted for pizza.

Everyone seemed happy.

Today was more relaxed. I booked a supply delivery from the supermarket, Swapped sides of the bed with Carter and played Red Dead.

I had to swap sides with Carter. I was on the window side which she insists on having wide open. Marry that with the fan running all night. I was forced to warmer climes.

Carter loves waking up with the body temperature of a corpse.

I took Sonny to my parents at around five. He has to stay there in the week asim at work and Louis is at school.

He will be back with us on Friday.

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