Going Gonzo – Nothing

Thursday, 8th August 2019.


Nothing has happened. Literally NOTHING!


I’ve managed to keep up with bills(so far!). I worked Monday and Tuesday and had to immediately ask for the money. The next days work I have is Saturday. That’s money will cover my rent and maintenance payment, leaving me with nothing to pay next weeks bills. We currently have no work for next week.

There. I’ve said it!

I’ve listed a few surplus amps on Facebook but there’s not much money involved, plus no interest.

As I always say at times like this,…..


Tuesday, 13th August 2019.


I’ve secured 2 days work. The wages earned won’t even touch the money pit. At least it’s something.

Wednesday, 14th August 2019.


Surprisingly, I’m still afloat. The last few days have involved a lot of poncing, theft and transferring but nothing has bounced yet.

We also got the word that this massive Bedford Job would start in three weeks. The PO has been received! It means I’ll actually be able to pay for Christmas this year.

I hope it pans out. Without hitch.

I’ve worked all week so far. I got paid for 3 days yesterday. Today won’t take very long but I haven’t heard anything about tomorrow or Friday. To work even one would be a bonus.

Tough times.


I just freaked myself out. I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 5.47. I jumped out of bed and started getting dressed for work. Carter then gently explained it was evening time.

Saturday, 17th August 2019.


I found these in my pocket this morning.

Sunday, 18th August 2019.


Nothing. No work again tomorrow. I might take all my amps to Anderson’s tomorrow. They won’t give me money but they will give me store credit.

At least it might cheer me up.

Monday, 19th August 2019.


I pounced 20 quid off my mum and spent it on beer and tobacco. It got me through the day. Andertons was a waste of time so I dropped all my amps back at my parents house.

Apart from that, I helped Carter with some painting and drank Corona from the Camden Lager glass I stole from Waterloo Sports Bar the other day.

There are no events to talk about, or even exaggerate.

I haven’t touched those pills yet.

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