Going Gonzo – No Holiday

Monday, 16th March 2020.


The only excitement this morning is seeing how much panic escalation there will be in town.

I’m so excited!


It was boring. Business as usual. Not even one person to laugh at. Pfft.

To top that, it looks like my holiday is over. Lanzarote is on Lockdown.


Things just seemed too easy today.

God wouldn’t allow that.

So, my timing belt sheared off my car about half a mile from home.

I’ve called the recovery people. Now I have to wait. Luckily, I can watch my car from the pub!


Yeah. It’s fucked. The auxiliary belt has gone. It is being collected on Thursday and it will have a new belt done, a full service and an MOT.

I might as well get it all done.

I’m expecting a hefty bill I cannot afford.

Along with Quadrophenia, this next album is responsible for my impish and happy outlook on life……

Obviously, all The Jam albums are fucking great but I had to choose.

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