Going Gonzo – Night Blight

Shut up. Shut Up! SHUT UP!!!!

Will you please shut up……..

Forty six years old and I still have no control over, at least, 70% of my brain function. It just does what it likes. It won’t start working. It won’t shut up. It makes me love, hate and mourn at the most inappropriate times. In essence, it’s a complete wanker.

That’s strange. I look quite happy. That definitely means there is something wrong.

Sshhh! What’s that noise?

Someone is shuffling around on the landing.

What time is it? Jesus. I can’t focus. Shhhh!………….

Fuck! It was just Louis.

Death overcoat.

Black and White.

Inbetween is grey.

Quiet you fool! You’ll wake the natives.

Taste its skin with your tongue.

Be generous with true melancholy and cry long.

Its beauty is disdain.

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