Going Gonzo – Monday Murder

Monday, 7th January 2019.


The whole morning was murder. Firstly, L-Bobs went back to school. Even with the hour of prep I did with him last night(clothes, books, etc..), he still forgot stuff. This made me arrive later at work than I’d have liked.

Secondly, new week. The amount of information I am trying to consume is borderline Impossible. No one is pressuring me but I just want to understand it all. It’ll take a few months as I am learning existing jobs. It’ll be easier when new contracts come in to fully understand the process.

The highlight of the day will be collecting Carter after she drops her son’s car off at the garage. I’m collecting her from The Kingfisher after my “pint of Guinness” payment.


Another lunch. A, vaguely, healthy tuna pasta salad with, a very healthy, packet of Pickled Onion Monster Munch. Oh, and Ribena.

It could be worse. I could have got up at 5am and been running high level cables and covered in shit.


Ooh goody! My first Eureka moment. 5% of paper trail understood(mostly). I think a lot more will become clear tomorrow as we are having a filing assessment and revamp.

I Can’t Wait!(yes. I am being sarcastic!)


I just got home. A colleague wanted to run through another aspect of the paper trail. Scrub the 5% learnt. I’ll start again tomorrow.

Carter got her dad to collect her from the garage.


Dare I say it? Evening tasks achieved. Why is it the simplest things always take forever. All I needed to do was get a recent bank statement. I could bore with lost card readers, paperless statements and the such but I won’t. It’s done. That’s all that matters.

I’ve got a massive headache. Come on Mark! Lay in the bed you made and learn to enjoy it!

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